Monday, May 13, 2013

The Sofa Transformation

I admit I was really concerned when I ordered this sofa that I would ruin or break it trying to get the upholstered panels off. Hence my plea to all of you for helpful tips about how to do that.

As soon as I took it out of the box I gave it a test by picking at at the fabric on the arm with a finger nail. It just popped off. The same thing happened on the other side. I thought no way I am going to get this lucky with all these padded upholstered panels. YUP! They virtually fell off with a little light coaxing. I never used a tool just my finger nail. The glue used to put this together had about as much adhesive power as a sticky post-it note. PHEW!

I thought I would be scouring the internet or worse looking in local fabric shops to try and find something to upholster it with. Then the light dawned... I have a huge stash of fabrics from the days when I did a lot of embroidery.

I had several choices but this beautiful light gold 100% silk was perfect. Simply because it went with every wing chair I have made. I love the idea of changing things around in a dollhouse. A heavier look for fall and winter and something lighter for the warmer months. After all....If you couldn't play with it what fun would that be?