Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Every Village Needs A Shop (Nutshell House)

Welcome to... "Twigs & Berries"

Today's Menu

Imported... French Frog Eggs, Pears& Raspberries With Honeyed Blueberry Sauce, Sparkling Honeysuckle Juice

Classes For Children Thursday Afternoon... A Field Trip... Identifying the right mushroom snacks.

For the Ladies... Try a new look...Wing Painting...Friday's By Appointment

Belgian Spider Silk Lace... by the inch.

Fairy Dust... Six Exciting New Colors!

Portable Rainbows... See our display window.

Emergency Wing Repair 24/7

Frankly this was a little &^%$# to make. It is going to be a while before I touch another walnut. lol I decided I would like to have a vine growing up and over the awnings. I started with very fine wire and soldered all the pieces together. Trying it on the shell as I went along soldering. Then I painted the wires brown.

Now I could spot glue the vine to the nutshell. The next step was to glue the 1/2 mm beads on. YEP one by one. I found that they were really secure by painting clear nail polish over them after the glue dried. Once I had all the "berries" on I really liked it without any green foliage but thought it had to have it on the vine. :-(

I built the bay window by cutting up three double windows to make one bay and glued that to a styrene box I built. In the window there is some magic happening. These holographic tiny stars blink colors even in relative darkness. I just glued them in a pile for the bay window display... "Portable Rainbows". If you could see inside it, you would notice there seem to be some much smaller ones floating in mid-air too. Those are glued to a second & third sheet of clear styrene on the inside of the house. They step back from the window front. I still have to make the sign that will stick out from the side of the bay. I am going to have to use someone else's printer for that.

PHEW.... Maybe too much information. ;-)