Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Designing The 1: 12 Scale Kitchen Today

No matter where I have lived, the kitchen was where everyone congregated. It isn't that I don't have a very inviting living room, There are comfortable chairs, big sofas and a huge fireplace. The kitchen is just where everyone always wants to be.

I have to admit.. It is my favorite room in the house, so it is no wonder I have collected so many things for a miniature one. I bought this hutch a couple of weeks ago because I was tired of looking at all the Stokesay Ware in the temporary shadow box it was in. It didn't hold everything anyway. Still I am not sure I will use use it. I may want everything on the walls built in.

The apricots, lemons, plums & cherries were made by Teresa Martinez. She is so talented I just could resist their charm when I saw them a few months ago. Thank you Teresa!

A sterling silver chamber stick arrived today made by Mike Sparrow. What a saga! The first one went to Melbourne, AU. (according to UK Airsure tracking). They (Air-unsure) sent it half way around the world in the WRONG direction. When it finally arrived here it had been totally crushed. The top of cardboard box it was sent in had an imprint of the candle stick embossed in it. An elephant must have stepped on it!!! So I am very pleased that a new one arrived today. The snuffer actually comes out of a drilled slot. Thank you so much Mike!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway this dollhouse is going to have a big kitchen!  

Monday, June 24, 2013

Kilmouski in 1: 12 Scale Test # 1

Kilmouski thought he should pose for my next miniature cat. He assured me that his likeness would be a good seller on eBay.

So armed with my new dyes I made an effort to color the light gray Alpaca fibers to resemble his coat. I am pretty sure this new experiment didn't make him very happy. He says he has more black through his fur. The problem is, it is necessary to add a bit of water to the dye so it doesn't dry crusty. To get a real fade to black for the tips of the hair on his coat, I am going to need a lot of practice.

Siberians have three coats. The third coat are guard hairs. They are sort of feel oily. The Guard hairs keep that breed from getting wet. It is very hard to give them a bath because of it too.