Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Petite Point....September

Being invited to watch someone's petit point progress might be equated to watching paint dry.
I have kept a steady pace working on it because I have a finished by month in mind. The race is on so to speak, remembering the tortoise and the hare.
Next week will be all play as I am expecting a house guest I think most of you know. More about that later.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Smaller was better!

These two spice barrel jars arrived yesterday. When I ordered them I really didn't notice what size they were. I have some of Terry's barrel jars and they are 1 1/8 inch tall. I was thrilled when I opened the package to see how tiny they are. His work is getting very hard to find.
Kaneel is Dutch for cinnamon and safran is French for saffron.
It's a good thing I bought a bigger hutch.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Moving Beyond the Square


I have to apologize for not having something more exciting to show you. I have only been working on this carpet lately. While it might not look like a lot of progress, you can't imagine how many hours have been put into this since you last saw it.

I continue to make mistakes (which I am told is called frogging). Those take so much time to correct. If not for those I would be much further along. Sadly enough!

The thing about atitching this carpet is, it is the luck of the draw!!! When you go to buy those variegated threads (made by Gentle Arts). The dye lots vary so much it is unbelievable. The "red" I first got for the body of the rug was 5 times lighter that the dusty pink. It was sort of a washed out orange! If you order the threads rather then get them in your local needle work shop, you have no idea what will arrive.
I think after 7 orders from 7 different places, I might have the variegated red I need (thought it is still very light).

Anyway.... I am happy to be getting out of this square and on to the other designs in the rug.
Hope you are all having a great weekend. Thank you for visiting.