Saturday, September 18, 2010

CORRECTION July 27, 2015 ....A. THEDE made this embroidery frame.

CORRECTION.... This piece was made by A. THEDE.

Long ago at a miniature show in Chicago I discovered furniture by Roger Gutheil. He made beautiful things. Not exactly in my budget at that time but I managed to buy two pieces from him. The drop leaf Queen Anne dining room table in the back ground is his.

I also bought this embroidery frame. It is a really wonderful little piece, everything on it is adjustable just like it is on the 1: 1 piece it was copied from. I had no idea at that time I would be doing any embroidery work myself one day.

I am hoping I will be able to work out a trade with a lovely lady that does beautiful petit point. It will be a work in progress that I will have to stitch on the frame when it arrives. There only needs to be a small amount of work on the canvas. I say canvas but it in miniature it will be worked in # 60 count silk gauze.

I don't think Roger is still making furniture. I have Googled his name and found some of his work still being sold. The prices now are much higher then they were when I bought these pieces.