Thursday, May 20, 2010

Making More Copperware

Oooh...Someone has been using the knife and strainer I made to make lemonade!

These are some copper pans I made plus a rack. I am not sure I want to use the rack in my dollhouse, this is just a temporary set up. It will depend on how I design the kitchen. I have also been making some bigger covered pots and doing some Chasing and Repoussé on them. Long ago I saw some "real" size Italian kitchen copperware that had a lot of this kind of work on it. So I have a fish poaching pan that I have been working on that has a fish in relief on either side and sort of a tiered lid with a design on each of the three tiers graduating down in concentric ovals.

It is sort of funny that most of us want to see some age on our furniture, house, roof tops and so on but everyone wants their copper gleaming with a brilliant polish.