Friday, February 25, 2011

Georgian Townhouse 1: 144 Scale

Please click twice on photos for a close up.

I just loved this 1: 144 scale Georgian house from the first minute I saw it. I spend a whole lot of time trying to find it. Linda saw comment I made on a blog when I was searching for it. She also had fallen for it and wanted to make it. It was great fun to work with her on a project sharing thoughts, photos and sources, while we were literally on different sides of the world. I am sure you will be seeing her finished house shortly on her blog.

I had some alterations in mind for my house. I wanted to add hinges to the side. Also... I wanted to cut a new bottom floor to make it deeper than the floor that came with the kit. Splitting it so the front of the house would have an area for some additions. This would allow me to add a second fence and some room for two topiaries I wanted to make to sit next to the front door.
First let me say that the 1.5mm plywood used to make this kit sold me!!! It is very strong and is resistant to warping. I had to find more of it for the new floor I was going to cut.

The second iron N scale fence arrived after waiting for it for three weeks. They sent me the wrong one! So that is the last bit that I will add when it arrives in

The kit came with a very nice photo front door. I challenged myself to make different one. A six panel Georgian front door. Then I needed to improvise the brass hardware for it. The door it is 1/4 inch wide.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lovely Swap Gifts From Caterina

Caterina and I decided on a swap for her beautiful tea box. It arrived in today's mail.

I am astonished by her incredible patience, She has filled the box with miniscule tea bags. All of them so well made they fit into the box perfectly! One even has real tea in it. I love the tiny tag on the string. :-)

She generously added these other gorgeous boxes of cappuccino, rosini and spaghetti. I cannot believe the strands of spaghetti. It is the perfect color and so fine. The open box of rosini also has pasta in it.

These are all such wonderful pieces and I am delighted to have them in my collection.

Thank you so very much Caterina! I am thrilled.

Catherine XXX

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lavish Gifts Have Arrived!!!

I have always known Linda was a person with multiple talents. That is demonstrated though every aspect of the miniature work she does and her resplendently beautiful blog. She has a special eye for detail. The photos she takes deserve to be published in a book!!!

I love, love, love these daffodils she made for me. Made even more special with the miniscule weed growing up on the side of the of the mossy flower pot. It is destine to live next to the front step of my house.

Who would think someone could be so thrilled with a bouquet of weeds! They will be kept safe until the day their stems are clipped and planted. To understand their size, look at the one on the flower pot above!

When Linda posted the photo of Beverly Miles beautiful tatted doily and said she was sending it to someone, I never dared to dream it would be to me. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it. A photo cannot begin to tell you how fine and delicate it is. It reminds me of a snow flake. The thread used to make it is much finer than sewing thread. BEAUTIFUL!!!!

I have admired Margaret Crosswell's beautiful work for a very long time on Linda's blog. I am so thrilled with this beautiful pitcher. It is just gorgeous!!! It will have a special place in my house.

Thank you so very much Linda....I am so thrilled!!!!!!!! You are so very generous and a valued dear friend.

Catherine XXX

Monday, February 7, 2011

Colin Bird's Kitchen Table

Just playing while it snows...Again! UGH!

Please click on photos for a close up.

This piece arrived today. It is the table Colin Bird made from the rough piece of yew I posted about not long ago. I wanted to photograph it simply without much embellishing so you could see the wood grain. I feel I have failed to do it justice!!! The top is silky smooth and the color is beautiful.

I told Colin I wanted a table that had a lot of tiny knots in the wood. He sure didn't disappoint me, not in any way. I love his work.

The very happy surprise was how nicely the ladder back chairs go with the color of the table. I bought them last year at the Tom Bishop show to use in a kitchen with no idea where I would ever find a table. What a happy unplanned result. I had no idea if it would work until today.

Thank you so much Colin. It is exactly what I hoped for and more!!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Swap Project

Cockerina invited me to make and swap something with her for a box of English tea she made. It even has tea bags inside the box!

I told her I would make her a fabric basket with some green apples in it. She asked me for a red basket but I told her I only had a red and white stripe fabric. I hope she likes it.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Thank you Lidi!!!

Yesterday I was surprised and thrilled to receive my Etsy order from Lidi Stroud. I couldn't believe how quickly it came in the mail all the way from Australia!

Her work is astonishing! She is truly a master artisan. I can only guess at how many years and miles of thread it has taken to achieve her incredible level of skill. I love the natural color of the thread she used. The inside of the basket is as beautiful as the outside is.

Lidi overwhelmed me with a magnificent gift! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw there was a second basket in the little box. OMG!!! It is this gorgeous hanging basket! :-) It has little beads on both sides where the handle is. How in the world she wove this tiny shape is beyond me. The top actually rolls over on it's self.

Both of these are very special treasures in my collection. I am so thrilled to have them.

Thank you so much Lidi!!! I LOVE them both. XXXXX
PS... Lidi has a wonderful article in AIM this month with her lovely basket weavers shop. It is a must see!