Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Thank you Lidi!!!

Yesterday I was surprised and thrilled to receive my Etsy order from Lidi Stroud. I couldn't believe how quickly it came in the mail all the way from Australia!

Her work is astonishing! She is truly a master artisan. I can only guess at how many years and miles of thread it has taken to achieve her incredible level of skill. I love the natural color of the thread she used. The inside of the basket is as beautiful as the outside is.

Lidi overwhelmed me with a magnificent gift! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw there was a second basket in the little box. OMG!!! It is this gorgeous hanging basket! :-) It has little beads on both sides where the handle is. How in the world she wove this tiny shape is beyond me. The top actually rolls over on it's self.

Both of these are very special treasures in my collection. I am so thrilled to have them.

Thank you so much Lidi!!! I LOVE them both. XXXXX
PS... Lidi has a wonderful article in AIM this month with her lovely basket weavers shop. It is a must see!