Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Gilders Paste... And Its Variety Of Uses

If you are someone that is interested in coloring metals with patinas you may have discovered the additional hazardous shipping charges for chemicals like JAX can be as expensive as the solution it self. I recently paid more just for shipping than for the product.

Happily there are some other options I would like to share with you that have a very nice result. There is a product called Gilders Paste. I have found an Etsy seller who sells 28 different colors! This product can be used on polymer clay, metal, wood and other materials. It has a consistency of shoe polish but it can be thinned with mineral spirits (called white spirits in some countries). You can thin it to a wash if you like. Or use it straight out of the tin.

This product could also be useful in all the popular aging techniques. The metallic colors can be buffed to have a soft shine on so many surfaces. I can think of hundreds of uses for it in 1: 12 scale. The paste comes with a one page brochure with good photos of how it has been used.

I do not plan to use this on sterling silver but I will use it a lot for miniature work in the future. I really like this product. Today I used it on a raw brass finding to bring out the details for a small mirror I needed. First the brass was polished then a wash of black applied and wiped off. In a few days the golden color of the brass will return with a little oxidation. I think it is a good idea to seal your finished piece. I sprayed mine.

Don't forget to click on the photo. ;-)