Friday, February 3, 2017

Pillow Top Ottoman...Salvaged Petit Point

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I am still finding some wonderful antique petit point compacts. I like those rather then purses because the designs are scaled for a small area. While I don't mind salvaging the petit point from the compacts, I dislike having to size them down. I know all to well how much time was spent stitching all those rows.

I had to really think about what to do with this piece. It was too big for a pillow/cushion. The colors looked great with the chairs and the carpet. That is not something easy to find.

I could have made a very small stool, folding the piece over the sides so it would be completely covered in petit point. That would have caused me to lose the over all design. So I decided on a sort of pillow top ottoman. It  can serve as a place to put your feet up, a make shift coffee table or extra seating in a room. The top is filled with 1mm micro beads.

I chose straight legs for contrast with the cabriole legs of the chairs. I still have to make some cording for the raw edges

Just like a cat! They have to inspect anything new you bring in the house.

Lots of new miniatures. I just haven't had time to photograph them. 

I am starting to wonder if anyone is out there anymore. 98 % of the bloggers I follow have vanished! The SIMP show in Paris now has vanished too. ;-(