Monday, April 28, 2014

Collecting Terry Curran's Porcelain

I adore Terry Curran's porcelain pieces. His work is hard to find in the US. Although I have found several things on eBay. None of those dealers bother to tell you it is his work they have for sale. I have just looked at enough of it to recognize it when I see it. All the pieces I have, have been signed by him. I am waiting for several tiles I ordered he made. I am very excited about those. They are soooo beautiful. I ordered 6 of each blue and white design I liked. Along with Greek key border tiles and tiny corner tiles. I can't wait to see those in person.
 The Ginger jar and the barrel jars are 1 1/8 inch tall. I am planning to have a pantry/closet in the kitchen with shelves visible through an open door. That is where these porcelain pieces and other food items will be. I am still not sure where I want to use the tiles. I also bought four of his terracotta chimney pots.