Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Somebody slipped me a Mickey and I woke up like this!

                                                      A little nap after a big day out.

Poor Merlin had been so neglected for so long, his fur on his body had turned into a solid thick mat. His entire chest, tummy and behind his back legs was a mess. There was only one thing to do. Wait until it got warm enough and take him to the vet and get him shaved.

I can tell he feels better. He has been grooming himself ever since we got home this morning. I never saw him bother much before. I bet there was a lot of wild life living under that matted mess.

It was good to find out he is a neutered male. I was pretty sure he was a boy. He is about three years old and in good health. He got all his shots too.

He's a little worried about what all the other kids are going to say. I don't think Puffy and Groupie have seen him yet.