Friday, April 13, 2012

New Copper Teapot and Brass Bucket For...

I am not sure if I will be using this in the house I am designing but the stove did need a few things. I made another brass bucket for the coal it uses and a much smaller copper teapot to go on the back burner today. Now I must make a coal shovel for it.

This was once the plastic the Chrysnbon parlor stove. It was in my very first post. I thought it was sort of sad looking in plastic. The kit it had lots of bright silvery "nickel" parts. I thought about casting those pieces in nickel silver for a duller look but decided against it.

I also wasn't very happy about the fact the stove was so plain. I wanted to add a lot of decorative embellishment to it. That was done by pulling molds off of tiny brass findings and injecting wax into the molds I made. Then... Those waxes had to be welded (with a hot needle) to the plastic kit pieces, before I cast them all in bronze. Some plastics burn out very well just like casting wax does.

The kit came with a sheet of acetate for the glass inside the stove. I use mica sheets instead which make the stove look like it has been used.