Saturday, March 31, 2012

Another 'Master' Piece!!!

Look who just waddled his way to my house. I am just so thrilled with this gorgeous pintail duck decoy! He looks like he might let out a quack and wiggle his tail any minute. I just adore him!

This is just how I want to use him, as a decorative 'antique decoy'. Either on a table or on a mantel piece.

I have said it before... Linda Master's talent is simply astonishing. It is evident in everything she does. She can carve, draw or paint anything you can dream of and in smaller scales too.

Linda is about to start some very exciting antique European accessory pieces in 1: 12 scale. I can't wait because they are things I have never seen in miniature before. No, I am not going to tell you what is coming. I'll let that be her surprise.

Thank you so much Linda!!!!!

New sterling silver tray and goblet recently made by me. ;-)


  1. A wonderful miniature! The duck....and your wonderful work!
    Have a beautiful Sunday,

  2. I had such a feeling that this little guy was going to waddle from Linda's blog to yours.....I am so happy he has found a good home. He looks adorable amongst your FABULOUS collection of miniatures. Linda certainly has an amazing talent, I look forward to her new items.
    The silver tray and goblet is a tease....please tell us!!!!
    Linda xx

  3. Is the duck miniature ? Its beautiful whichever it is.
    Hugs Maria

  4. Yes, the duck is a 1:12 scale miniature. Linda's talent is incredible. I wish I could have taken better photos. When you turn him over there is a line around his beak showing a lower jaw. OMG! What you also cannot see is the feathering wisps carved into each feather. For lack of knowing how else to describe it.

  5. A beautifully carved decoy. What a good looking duck! I love your tray as well, I look forward to some good close-ups!

  6. Parece que no sea un pato 1/12, de lo real que es y de los fantasticos detalles que ha conseguido.
    besitos ascension

  7. I confess it was love at first sight when I saw this little chap on Linda's blog.....I am pleased to see he has found a good home with you, he fits in so well with your fabulous collection!
    Note to Linda: you have a huge talent, you must be very proud when you can make items such as these!!!!
    Catherine, I look forward to hearing more about your wonderful silver tray and goblet.
    Linda xx

  8. .....I am a bit slow!!! I love the 'play on words' with your blog title....very clever!!

  9. Hello Catherine, wonderful the duck! Aamzingly real! I like all the miniatures there are to be seen on the picture.
    Kind regards, Ilona

    1. WOW Catherine THANK YOU!!!! For the very kind comments and for showcasing the Pintail so beautifully! Your photos are absolutely stunning! I am floored. And the silver tray and goblets...leave me speechless.

      To Linda Carswell: Thank you so much for the comment!

      These duck decoys will be available from my website within 2 days. I will post the update on my blog.

      Thanks again Catherine, you are awesome:)

  10. Beautiful, I was drooling all over that duck on Linda's blog the other day. I would also love a close-up of your silver, they look wonderful!

  11. So great carving job ! You are right : this lady is really talented !
    And I love your silver work !

  12. Incredible, simpy stunning piece , this little guy has character and it is so beautiful.
    it will be perfectly at home in your collection and Linda is truly a master.
    Have a nice Sunday, Rosanna

  13. The duck is incredible. All scene is fantastic. so many beautifull things. Have a nice Palm Sunday Kati

  14. The duck is wonderful! It's a treasure.
    Bye Faby

  15. What a wonderful piece. It looks as if it was made to sit amongst your other beautiful items.

  16. Catherine, He is beautiful! Linda does do fabulous work!!! I LOVE your tray and goblet!!! Please post some more photos so we can see all of the details!!! Stunning work from both of you!

  17. Your tray and goblet are exquisite and the duck is amazing! You have quite a collection of beautiful objects for your dream house!

  18. Hi Catherine,
    what a beautiful little pice, and what talent, the little Duck is divine and i love the way you have arranged him with your other pieces, Just beautiful.

    I am off to check out Linda's site, thank you.

    Fi x