Monday, April 19, 2010

Tom Bishop Show # 2 Photos


  1. Fabulous Dolls by Jamie.
    Some of the English Exhibitors were stranded in the UK, because of the grounded flights.
    So sorry to hear that some of your purchases had gone missing.
    Thanks for sharing the pictures, some beautiful miniatures. xxx

  2. I love james Carrington's dolls!:)

  3. Debbie,

    The ones that could not make the show from Europe should count themselves lucky. So many people are stuck in Chicago and may not be able to fly home until Sunday, last I heard. Surely the additional expenses of the hotel and dinning out will devour their profits.

  4. Wow, it looks like a fantastic show Catherine, I would love to get to one of the overseas shows one day, either in UK or USA, perhaps France? Love the lighting (natch) and the dolls are amazing. Heartbreaking to lose your precious items you no doubt spent time selecting. Perhaps they will turn up? Glad you didn't return home empty handed at least, look forward to seeing your pics.

  5. Thanks for posting pics of my plants, Catherine! It was wonderful to meet you and I was glad to be able to offer you a chair to rest your weary feet. Maybe we'll get that picture next time...

    I am so sorry to hear that some scum-bag had to steal your bag. Maybe the hotel will catch him, or her, because you were probably not the only one. You have a great attitude, though. I would be fretting about it for days and days.

  6. Carolyn, I have never seen anything close to your plants in miniature They are astonishingly real and beautiful.

    BTW Everyone... Both of the photos I posted are of Carolyn's plants.

  7. What a mixture of the beautiful and happy and the painful and enraging: thanks so much for the photos and stories, and I'm sickened at the thought of the theft. Yes, it's just stuff, but I think we can all empathize with the loss.

    It looks like an amazing show -- I'd love to visit someday!

  8. Catherine, I had no idea that you were also attending the show. Perhaps we bumped into each other and didn't even know it! I will definitely be returning to the show next year. It would be fun to meet!

  9. So interesting to see what you posted about the show--I was also there and posted completely different things! There's a lot to see and many temptations. You can find my photos here:


  10. Hi Sophia,


    I got home and found out all these people who have all these wonderful blogs were at the show. I would have loved to have met you and so many other of our fellow bloggers.
    It was a great show but I was so tired I think I was walking around in a daze.
    Thank you for coming to visit and telling me where to find you. I loved seeing all those gorgeous photos you took. Some of those booths are etched in my memory and there are some I must have missed seeing. :-( Oh well... There is always next year.